Road to 5k [cont]


March 8

So, this is my standing right now, exactly at 4k5. So macam yang korang tahu, last year was my last year sitting in 3k scrubs, and ended my 2014 dengan 4003 solo rank. Kinda hard getting a tbd of 3.8k, sitting in 4k (3927 if its still count) for few days, and then dropped to 3.2k, and after few months struggling, dapat raised back to 3.6k, and cried so hard when dropped to 3.4… After some of replays downloading and match analysis, I put myself in a rehab and calmed my ass off, and improve improve and improv!

Well to be honest, I am so tired actually figuring out what my weakness, till one day, my support skill is being recognize in many places, people inviting me to stand in as a support player and masa tu I think, maybe I am not a good core player (at my current bracket, ofc) and maybe I am better off as a support.

Beast - too lag-losing streak

Shits happen. I don’t blame pinoy for this. It is my own weakness. I can’t carry I guess. Masa ni, I almost broke down into tears and spent most of my time sleeping, regretting my own ability and skills. Why I can’t win!? WHY!? WHY MUST EVERYGAME IS SO FUCKING HARD!


This is my solo rank punya graph. At those winstreaks, it’s all about Necrophos support, Enigma, Omniknight, Dazzle and things like that. Bila I reached a certain peakpoint, from 4.1k > 4.2k, I picked a carry, and dropped, and then recovered, from 4.2k > 4.3k, at 4.3k peak I picked Juggernaut, and then dropped, and from 4.3k> 4.4k, played Omniknight most of the time or Lion, and never tried picking carry (one downfall there, picked WR carry and lose lol xD) and lepas tu continue my ass off playing supports until the last game from 4478 ytd and won with a Dazzle!

[Previously on HBO]


Ya I rarily go party rank because I am SUPER HEARTBROKEN with my stacks. I was standing at 3976 and they.. I don’t know.. ‘having fun’ too much sampaikan drop too much and I am so frekin tired. Maybe I am better off alone. Maybe.

Thanks RazeR?


Ok so I improved myself in 2015! How about you guys? We can share things/exchange informations. I also do offer some advices or helps if you want to smurf/tbd/climbing MMR, just add me and mention me on my Twitter to approve yah @NickoSama.

my dota id is 123692369, feel free to add!


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  1. izzataseri says:

    hopefully you reach 5k as support nicko

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