Guide to Terrorblade [twtdota]


Salah satu hard carry paling low strength gain, ialah Terrorblade, and strength dia memang
bermasalah, even at some point, intelligent heroes ada lagi banyak strength dari dia.

In my opinion, TB ni ada banyak cara main.
So untuk main banyak cara tu, kene jadi advance TB player dulu.
And advance TB player dah faham kegunaan semua skills without much explanation.

——–Proceed if you’re advance tb players—————————————–

The Rat TB

Rat TB style ni, you are depending on his illusion rather than Metamorphasis.
So skill build will narrow to :
Max 2nd! 1st is 1 level sampai level 21.

You have either choice of farming in lane using illu or farming in jung using 2-or-more illu.
(Why? Sebab in lane lagi byk exp, and gold lagi besar, and kene jaga properly. Kalau illu campak
je jungle, takyah susah-susah tunggu last hit.)

So rat tb, what should you aim for?

Radiance. Illu-based hero usually goes for Radiance. So go for it.
Manta. Spawn illu yang lagi lama, better for rad rat.
Boots of Travel, for super imba imba rat.
Butterfly. So illu wont die easily to creeps. And extra protection for yourself.
Skadi. More hp, more survivability, and extra slows!
Satanic. Its important, sebab tb punya nyawa iz so ciput even with too many hp item. So he needs it,
plus dia tak completely rat, dia still useful in war.

BKB is important kalau you ever have the intention of joining war, unless if its 4×1.

The Wargod TB

Currently my most played style, I love war!
This tb is the best considering how you are contributing for the team, and yeah, with high damage output,
war can be easily win!

Power tread strength > more hp, more survival!
Drum of endurance, cover his hp!

TB ni dah ada dmg from metamorph, so item dmg ni tak penting sgt usually. Just boost his survival je sbb
survival dia sucks! less durable hp! ergh

BKB, SNY is a good option, increase his dmg at the same time hitpoints

After dua core ni, you can decide whether to go for blink/skadi for better chasing item. I prefer blink
tho, sebab dia ada ulti close range and better if youre low hp and looking for instakill.

So to summarize item picks for war tb,
Ptread > Travel lategame
Drum > Satanic
Bkb > Whatever may necessary lategame (divine/refresher)
SNY / Manta
Butterfly (or situational)

Ganking TB
Ganking tb ni salah satu tb yang takyah farm tapi boleh kills easily
And tb ni tb paling senang ah kerjanya sebab tkpyh sentuh creep sgt, duit still flows

So skill build always max 1st and 3rd before masukkan illusion.

And sebabkan dia gankers, dia prefer more on chasing mechanism.

Drum of Endurance
Blink/Or Medallion dulu
Yasha > SNY

and lepas tu complimentary item ikut situation ingame. Kalau ada void, belanja sikit heaven.
Kalau ada pa, belanja mkb. Kalau ada invoker, belanja orchid/hex. Ikut kesedapan diri.
Always remind item BH’s gankers kalau nak main ganking TB.

Burst TB
Tak ramai orang buat competitively, tapi boleh jadi fun kalau kene cara.
modus operandi dia ialah ulti dulu, kill, and ciao. usually boleh take one and return je.
Or take the biggest hero, and then baru war 4v5.

Skill builds tak penting. Memana boleh. Nak stats je pun okey.

Kasut skip je kalau malas. Kalau nak, kasut cekelat.
Shadow Blade/Blink
Dagon 5
Skadi dan Situational item/complimentary

Modus operandi dia, farm je jungle lepas dpt armlet, and then on sampai nyawa sikit, pakai sb,
pergi kat enemy, hit sekali, off armlet and ulti, and normal hit/dagon ikut kesukaan.
Incase enemy ada mcm tiny ke apa, nyawa sikit pun dagon je, dari kau hit and kene stun, terlepas.
Bazir. Kadang2 tb mcm ni bagus jugak sebab boleh buang big hero easily, mcm tide ke apa. At least
its 4v4 lepas kau dh buat mcm tu, cuma big hero dorg sorg dh mati. And with proper item, its still 4v5.


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