Mashiron’s road to 5k! #RoadToVincere

Heyya guys. I am Nicko, known as Mashiro, a captain in Elysian Legacy, and one of the lowest MMR in the team (hell they said I should captain since I talks alot). Conscience hits me that being a captain, I should have at least the average or the highest MMR so at least my decision making will not being questioned, hence proving my capability of leading my own team.

Details about myself on Dota :-

I started Dota 1 right after UPSR, which is around the end of 2007. Joined a lot of small clans in Garena, used to hangout in Kingsurf 1 or room 5, which is favourite room for us Masters of Dota (which was top 10 clan in Malaysia way back then).

Joined Dota 2 right after the alpha release and before the beta around 2010, got the beta invitation (not the key) from Steam participation on testing combat mode something I forgot. So for over 4 years, I have around 4.3k+ total hours spent on this game, which is averaging at 1k+ hours every year.

I used to play cores on my exteam which never went big because of very tight schedule for my teammates which was also my real life friends, so that’s that. Because I idolized Puppey and KuroKy too much, I decided to switch roles and play support ganker. (Oh yes I hate babysitting).

Last year, Valve introduced MMR system which is adjacently the same as every mmorts game, which gives you rank to decide your place amongst all the players, and oh btw my PSR in HoN was 1789 which is around 4.5k in Dota (perhaps) but since that account gets a reset from Garena for having such illegal username (it was single alphabets, I) so I stopped playing HoN and focused on Dota.

So I started Dota, and played Dota like a madmen. I can’t let go of my teammates fault, I raged, I get mad, I insult via microphone, I capslocking everygames. Even my real life friends hate to plays with me. And after the MMR has been introduced, I was blessed with a fucking noob MMR 3.8k which is around 1.65 in HoN. Considering most of my friends are 2-3.5k, I don’t mind much since I thought I deserved that MMR. But yeah after I knows that most professional players stand on 4.5k+ (at that time not many was 6k yet so 4.5k+ is already professional enough) so I was pretty sad.

But still, I deserved that 3.8k. I was nowhere good enough to be on 4k with my attitude. I played like a retard and after a few months, I SUCCESSFULLY dropped my MMR to a laughable points ahahah.


Yea it is 3272, and I stuck around 3.2-3.4 in 2-3 weeks or so. It was not pinoy problems, it was always mine. I NEVER BLAME PINOY OR INDON. Yeah some of them sucks, some of us too. But yeah I hate to blame the entire race for one or two noobs I’ve met in the game. After I read an article, about how winning is basically is like this :-

There is always 33% chances to autowin :

Which is you sucks or not, you will win.

There is always 33% chances to autolose :

Which is you great or not, you will lose.

So it’s totally balance, right? So how do people achieve 4k MMR and above?

There is always 34%.. which the game is depending on you. You decide the fate for the game.

Hows that works? If you want the game to win, you motivate! You lead, you do everything. So find your 34%!

So I did, and I found it for quite while. I did alot of great comebacks, mostly by playing Spectre, Ursa, even though we lose like 6-36 in 25 minutes game. All we have to do is just motivate, really.

So 2-3 weeks after, I got


yeah, actually that was a 3 pages of winstreaks, but I lazy to scroll furthers, so this is as far as I could show.


And after that, I stopped playing solo rank because I don’t want to drop it below 4k, but a good friends of mine motivated me to play solo, and yeah I achieve 4297. (Never sit in 4.3k yet though, but yeah that’s my limit so far, 4297.)(Sorry forgot to take picture) And yeah after that, shits happens, Internet problematic, and my finals week, I stressed and played like hell and raging (again) and went back to the MMR I deserved (my starting point, lol)


Oh actually yesterday it was 3996 but yeah Unifi sucks and I dropped mine to 3843 just now. So I reflected myself and this is my road to vincere. I bounced back from 3.2k to 4.2k in 3 months, so why not 3.8k to 4.8k in 6 months? xD

So this is my starting point for today.

Starting - Losing Streak

So, good luck to me! So for everybody who wanted to support me, mention me on twitter @nickosama and I’ll include your name here! Every milestones I achieve, I’ll do a giveaway, so only to those who supported, I’ll include in the giveaway lists.

Milestone list

  • 4000 – Inscribed Engulfing Spike (Heroes revealed with dusts) bundle!
  • 4298
  • more to come!

Supporter list

  • none

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