Day 1 [28/11/2014]


So today I played 8 games, starting from Dazzle to the Chaos Knight. I played 3 solo rank today, 3 party rank and 2 normal matches.

I tried to avoid as many mistakes as possible, and I try to blame most of the losses on me.

Won 2 out of 3 solo rank games. Won 3 out of 3 party rank games. Lose 2 out of 2 normal matches.

The Timbersaw game –

  1. I couldn’t do much this game, I was outzoned by Shadow Demon, Slark and Ancient Apparition. Was a solo offlane.
  2. Templar Assassins, who was our mid, lost his lane against Ember Spirit up to 2-0 from his own fault. He then threw the game by farming only a bottle, 4 bracers and a power treads.
  3. Our supports were good, but since Ember got a very early Battlefury, we cannot do much.
  4. Tried to blame myself, but 1 drum of Endurance is always better than 4 bracers.
  5. The final score for our mid was 0-13 if I am not mistaken. I was at 4-7. Did my best though! :/

I don’t want to analyse much of the normal matches, since I didn’t try that hard to win normal matches, yeah afterall it is NORMAL match, I played NORMALly. Hehe.

So, nobody wanted to support me yet? 😦

Just mention that you, are supporting Mashiron on his road to 5k at @nickosama and I’ll list you down on the giveaway lists when I reach certain milestones (currently the nearest one is at 4000).

I made a profit of +25 today!

tata, ~mashiron

p/s: ily m no matter what u says


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