Strategist and Analyst

So blogpost kali ni untuk inform my own team players.

Elysianz, focus!

“A good player is a player who can decide what to do and what to buy depending on the situation.”

Maksudnya, player yang bagus pandai pilih barang. Bukan nak kata Phantom Assassins tu wajib basher setiap game. No.

Ni summary for the whole team.

1x Drum – Carry
1x Meka – Mid/Offlane (Durability)
1x Pipe – Mid/Offlane
1x Crimson – Jungler/Carry/Offlane


1x Assault – ADC/Offlane
1x Shivas – Offlane/Carry
1x Radiance – Carry/Offlane

Team Core Item

Drum = MS/AS
Meka = Armor/Healing/Regen
Pipe = 400MR/Regen
Crimson = 50DB/9s

Assault = +5 armor / -5 enemy
Shivas = -20as/-20ms
Radiance = 50dps enemy

> Scythe of Vyse
> Heaven’s Halbeard
> Orchid Malevolence
> Eul’s Sceptre of Divinity
> Blink Dagger
> Force Staff
> Rod of Atos
> Orchid Malevolence
> Shivas’ Guard
> Dagon
> Rod of Atos
> Shivas’ Guard
> Shivas’ Guard
> Veil of Discord
> Drum
> Medallion of Courage

Kita main teamplay, kita main as a team. No more solo style.

And tolong, bukan support je yang kene beli ward. Kalau 20 minutes takde tower push or war, belikan ward untuk support. Mana support nak dapat income?

Durable support mohon beli ward courier, support satu lagi beli sentry and smoke.

Special case kalau ada Brewmaster : Jangan takut nak beli vladimir. Premeditated critical is best comboed with lifesteal!

Death Prophet : Eul is a must. Meka is depending on situation.

Prophet : Blademail is a no-no.

Terrorblade : Skadi is optional, BKB is a must!

Spectre : Radiance is dependable, prioritize survival and damage.

More to come.


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