My Collection of Poems

I used to write poems alot back then, and I remembered how much fun is it, knowing that sometimes people do enjoy your work.. Here goes mine. Anyway I wrote it years back then, so I probably made some grammatical sins which I rarely make. Heh

The Friends Path.

Now isn’t a time to fear,
Until all of this is clear.
Resisting the force of the peers.

Silhouette of the night will blind your path,
You are going to suffer a wrath,
And become a monster,
Hideous and ugly creature,
I know a cure,
Rotten but so pure,
A way to survive the curse,
Hush, it’s not the worst.

Hey, I am here beside you,
Anything cannot harm you,
Not even a scratch,
Not even a flash,
And I shall once again,
Hold you even I suffers the pain.

In the beautiful heaven up above,
Lies the bold Warrior of Love,
Yet waiting for the beloved.


The Circle of Life

All those things in the world,
So much that everything have their own purpose,
Yet we could not understand,
In the reality that we are living,
Quality of the outside is the only thing we seek,
Inside of it, we never bother to look and feel,
Not to mention the true purpose of it.

Why do people wonders, but never seek,
How do God creates things even though it look dull and plain,
Yet it carries a meaning, a reason for its existence.

Yes, we might never wonders of it,
Only the one with the mighty mind will bother to think,
Until someone discovers it, it would be too late to bother.

Could we be the one,
And the only generation to seek,
Not the quality, but the purity of a soul,
Not the look, but the inside of a soul,
Only then we will realise,
The thing we have lost, gone from our life.

Seeing is believing, that isn’t true
Even though we couldn’t hear it, doesn’t mean its not the truth
Even though we cannot feel it, never give up on believing.

Merely a sample, our life is,
End of something would be the starting of another.


Arigatou Senpai

I am trying to be grateful,
But not a great fool.

I would like to confess,
That you are the best.
I know I am nobody to judge,
But this is my own right,
To carve my own plight.

It would be dearest to me,
If you only stay and never leave,
If you only stay and keep teaching,
Even though not too much, just a little bit.

You made me feels like home,
You made me feels safe and sound,
When I thought I am the only one here,
Who keep holding the tears,
Of being labelled as foreigner.

I have to say,
Thank you and farewell,
It’s been a short period of time,
But it’s been a glorious month in my life.

Thank you, for everything.


My Five Dearest Angels

Dear Angel of Time,
You had shown to me,
What is it to be,
Someone who appreciated every moments,
Someone who enjoyed every bit of memories,
You are,
My forever friend, indeed.

Dear Angel of Life,
You had shown to me,
What is it to be,
Someone who cherish every moments passing,
Someone who braved through all the hardship,
You are,
My glorious friend, indeed.

Dear Angel of Love,
You had shown to me,
What is it to be,
Someone who is friendly,
Someone who is caring and loving,
You are,
My beloved friend, indeed.

Dear Angel of Tears,
You had shown to me,
What is it to be,
Someone who isn’t afraid of crying,
Someone who can rise from the bottom,
You are,
My sadness friend, indeed.

Dear Angel of Death,
You had yet to come,
To invite and greets me,
After everything that happened,
After everything that yet to come,
You are,
My future companion, indeed.


if you made it this far, thank you for reading..! ~mashiro



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