Anagrams and Puzzles


This is a memoire of the divinity,
Unveilling the truth of my hidden dreams!
This is a trivia, solve it and you’ll see.
Vividly as we proceed,

As for the starting,
The sentence consists of words,
Five as I counted,
The first word is the clone of ‘ill’,
But ‘hill’ is not the deal.

The second word,
The first three letters of ‘Yes’,
‘Over’ and opposites of ‘down’.

The third word,
Lies a secret,
Two lettered word,
Pronounced as the hunter of honey.

My, it is already the fourth word,
The fifth month in the calendar,
Just without an alpha,
Or the first word could be true.

And you shall see,
Friends and bee,
If combined, you’ll get these,
Lovebirds always use this,
Referring to the Juliet of the century.

See as I see, Feel as I feel, Seek what I seek,
And you’ll think like a a great detective.
Unveiling the request,

For my journey of serial quests,
Quest for love,
Quest for dream,
Quest for all the truth.




It’s an anagram. Read carefully and try to figure it out.

(Anyway anagram is word that has been assembled.)

It’s a one thing I seek,
For the brave or the weak,
To descend upon the darkness,
And something will guide us,

At the time werewolf is sick,
This clue will do the trick,
So, unrevealing the power of the Deity,
What is the answer for the thing that I seek?




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