My Hot Friends

Hi so today I want to talk about my hot friends. What I meant by hot here is the popularity they gained via all sources available, for example the social media, at schools, amongst friends, amongst enemy, amongst teacher, even in the whole Kajang. Damn!

So, let us say.. my hot friends are actually a couple, so let’s give them name, so at least if they read this, they doesn’t feel anything, because maybe what I am about to type is really touchy or just vicious as it is. So shall we call the, Afyna and her boyfriend Alephy. Alright, so I have to describe them first before we can get into the main story.

Afyna is a beautiful looking girl, with slim body shape and fairly long hair, her 3 numbers from top is probably 32 27 30, they are not really big haha but she is still adorable! She is very understanding, mature in thinking, comes from rich family, but sometimes it’s hard for her to grasp what people are talking about, because she is kinda slow. And very manja. Blergh.

Alephy, in another word, is a vicious emo looking guy. But, talking about emo, past me shares his side. Long haired, good english speaker, very talented in playing guitar, also a great gamer, not really tall, just about my heights, and a very loyal friends. 

to be continued


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