Who to follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!


Okay guys, It’s me again, and sorry for the late blog updates. It’s been awhile since I logged in my diaries but I have a lot to shares. Personally, I have been asking myself, “In our life, we have to follow the Prophet and God… Considering that they are bringing us to the right path.. What about in internet? Who should we follow?” I mean, it is not like the ‘internet-prophet’ or something, but just people that we follow in the internet to get starting around, to know the trends, to be more knowledgeable in the internet.

Let’s start with Facebook.  First of all, as a muslim, we should follow “I love Allah” page, followed by “I love Muhammad”. They create many statuses that injects a positive responses that may affects our daily life. Secondly, as a fellow Malaysian, we should follow “Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib” page and the opposition leader “Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim” page. The purpose is to let us know better about the current political issues in our country, and by following both of the government and opposition leader. About the religion and politic, we can follow some Ustaz, for example, “Ustaz Azhar Idrus”.

On Twitter, there’s not much to follow, because I don’t really use it and I don’t know, but for example, I would follow Malaysian’s icon for example our own Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, and some daily islamic quotes!

I don’t use Instagram much so I don’t have any recommendation, plus I don’t think Instagram is a good social networks anyway, since for pictures, Facebook and Twitter already have both functions. I think, that’s all I can simplified for today, since I am not much into Twitter and Instagram, I have to apologizes for the short and short fills on both social networks.



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