Why dog is called a ‘man’s best friend’?

Dog is so-called ‘man’s best friend.’ I always wondered why.

Well, here’s a lyrics from a song I’ve found.



Pain that won’t heal,

Sadness you feel, 

Smiles with hearts’ bitterness that replaced,

‘I’ll never smile again, I’ll never let love in again’,

Don’t ever say such things to me,

A future we cannot see,

All happening meant something in story,

In time the clouds will clear away,

So just please, stay with me!

Who are we, to pass through you?

That answer will find you someday.

-Taken from Bleach OST

D’technolife – UVERWORLD


Unless any of you can’t understand it, I will summarize what does the song tell us.

The song meant a situation, where someone you regards as your best friend trying to console you for things that happens in your life. For instance, when you faces bad situations, you are in troubles, you have problems, when you are in pain or such sadness, do you have that one true friend that will stay by your side?

True enough, a human best friend, no matter how good is him/her, they won’t be able to stay by your side all the time, because you, me, everyone of us, is imperfect. But there is a creature that can be regarded as a best friend, yet will stay by your side all the time. That creature is a dog.

I heard one time, a man had a dog. This man kept the dog for 6 years as his companion, since his wife died of cancer. This dog helped him fetched his mail, helped him on simple house chores (getting his remote tv, guard the house, take out the thrash), accompany him to the park, followed him to supermarket, and almost by his side 24 hours a week. One day, the man had a bad fever, and his dog was barking unusually. This causes the neighbour to get irritated and came over, and since the dog won’t stop barking, the neighbour peered over the window, only to find out the man had a stroke. He called an ambulance and saved the man’s life in time, for if he was late by 25 minutes, that man is a goner. Anyway, the dog stayed true and grew old with the man. And one fine day, the man died of old age, and was buried next to his wife. The dog, with sadness filled in his eyes, stayed near the grave without foods and drinks and eventually died beside his master’s grave.

I found it really heart touching since I had a cat, and my cat won’t even come if I call him. And only comes if I am holding their foods. What a selfish cat.



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