A great holiday!

One day, I was travelling on a boat. I was travelling on a Japanese ship to Japan, for my great holiday. Mind you, I am a detective-wanna-be. I always fans of Sherlock Holmes, and this is the best holiday of my life, since I was able to meet someone, who can impersonate Sherlock Holmes accurately with his great deduction and flawless reasoning. For some reason, I walked around the cabin at one particular night, enjoying the breeze. 

Suddenly, I heard someone screaming. I rushed to the voice, and saw the captain of the ship, with a pale look on his face, looking at the empty space on table. He mutters somewhat sounded unclear, “Wh-wh-who did this.. wh-who to-took my wa…tch? My-my-my ring?” I looked at the table, beneath the table, nearby the table. No signs of watch and ring. Suddenly, the guy, Mr. Conan Edogawa came. He asked, what kind of ring, what gem on it, what brand of watch, and how it was missing. 

The captain, murmured.. Diamond, Rolex.

My, that is a hell of valuables! This case is getting interesting. I looked at Conan, wondering what he is up to. He suddenly went outside, and after few minutes, he brought a five men to the Captain’s Cabin. He said, he went to every department, and grabbing the missing person from each section as a suspects. Conan said.. “Now, I need to know your alibi for the last 45 minutes!” 

The Phillipino cook (in a heavy overcoat) : I was in fridge room getting meat for cooking.

Hmm.. no wonder anyone cannot see him, he was alone in the fridge. If THAT’S was true.

The Indian Engineer (with a torch in hand) : I was working on generator engine.

Yeah, yeah. Engine. What’s need to be working on? Too suspicious.

The Srilankan seaman: I was on the mast correcting the flag which was upside down by mistake.

What?? Was it? I didn’t realised. I have to check it later if it were fixed or not.

The British Radio officer: I was messaging to company that we are reaching next port 72hrs. from now, on Wednesday morning at 1000hrs.

Wait.. That’s very near to the captain’s cabin. Most suspicious guy I say.


The French navigation officer: I am on night watch, so sleeping in my cabin. 

Oh, but then why no one can’t see you? You had a private cabin do ya?

After a hard thinking, I pointed to the Indian Engineer. You sir, are the thief! Hand me the valuables! But it turns out, he didn’t have it. I glanced at Conan, he was watching as I deducing the thief, and smiling. I did body checks on all of them, and no one of them had the valuables. I was furious! So which one is the thief? After a while, Mr. Conan said.. “Sigh, Nicko. You can’t deduce well, do ya?”

“There is only one truth. MR SRILANKAN SEAMAN, YOU ARE THE THIEF!”, he pointed at the seaman.

“Why, why me..?!” 

“Tell us, Nicko, in which ship we are traveling.” “We are in a big, metal ship?.. Oh wait, JAPANESE SHIP!” 

“True, therefore, Japanese flag, which is red dot in centre of white flag, is the same even though it’s upside down. So, please return the valuables or I have to apprehend you now, seaman.” And thus, the case was closed. I was very impressed! But there’s one thing bothering me. Why I am not in one of his suspect list? “Because.. I saw a stained mark on behind of your coat, just below the shoulder. Your bottom is very exquisite. I might suggest, you have a bad backbones due to recent surgeries, and therefore you can’t run very fast, or even bows too low. And in this type of ship, they uses short tables, which is very low and therefore must be hard for you to reach it. And plus, you were the first one to arrive, which mean you didn’t have much time to hide it, or you won’t bother hiding. That’s when I noticed your watch, a custom made Pelican, which is more reliquary and expensive than the captain’s Rolex. I don’t think your were the criminal.”

I was dumbfounded. That was a great deduction, no mistakes at all. Even there is nothing special in the whole holiday, this moment of thrilling criminal’s catching is truly a great experience to deal with! 


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