My first day in college.

Everything was dark..

Everything was gloomy..

I was left with my only faithful companion, which is Sir Adler,

to journey to this new ground.

This story begins like this. My old residents were crushed, burnt, and I had to flee to the new place. The first time I arrived at this place, Sir Adler and I observed the new grounds. There was a gateway, a huge gateway. Sir Adler observed at the old plaque, it had a carving on it. An italic words which spells out U N I T I was the only one left from the old ruins. It’s okay, it’s look like no one inhabits this place for a long time. 

Sir Adler and I proceed cautiously, for the enemy may be lurking around for the opportune moment to catch us off-guard. I was tired due to the long journey, and I had to rest any time sooner or my legs will fall off. After a long walk, we finally reach a deserted small town. This place was called UV (abbreviations for UNITI village) and the population is very small. I went to the reception, and registered us as the residents under fake name, to hide the fact the we were hiding here. We registered under Nick and Adli, which sounds like common country name. We had to carry our luggage to our room, what horrors! So inconvenient! I am a king! Why should I carry my own luggage? There should be a bellboy to help us, but since this town is deserted, it is very hard to pay for workers. Well, at least that explains the broken toilet and sink. I had trouble suiting myself to this humble apartment.

Nonetheless, it is a very good hideout for the time being. I attended the school as a brilliant disguise. Well, my first day wasn’t very bad. I came to a deserted place, encountered a strange looking old man, dealt with broken toilet and sink, enjoyed a very unsatisfactory dinner, joined a dull commotion about keeping safety amongst the livelihood and went to study as disguised at some ancient looking village called K.U which stands for Kolej UNITI, and then gathered a merry group of young talented man, the knights of round tables, which I state here as their undercover name. Arham, Fadzli, Adnin, Gawan, Hamdan and Zul. But nevertheless, I have to stop writing now. It is getting very dark, and I am writing this memoire in case I won’t make it through the year living here. I’ll write more if anything special happened. 


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