My favourite festival!

In the world, there are many types of celebration, festival and gathering. As a normal human beings, I, myself have my own favourite festival. But, I won’t be blogging about national, culture or traditional festival, we leave to reporter. Instead, I am going to blog about modern festival. Yes, as some of the readers may have figured, I am deeply in love with music and light festival.

Light festival consists of bunch of fireworks display, the neon lights, and lots more. They say, pictures bound to say thousands word. So I included some of the light festival photos.



As reader can see, the festival of light is very fascinating! It involves a lot of light display (obviously…) and the show of fireworks in the night. It is truly amazing, especially the colourful display with a background of the black night. Furthermore, the festival of lights always been held at the opportune time of the years, especially around the holidays.

So, most families can hold a great family gathering and it will help strengthen the family bonds between each other which is truly amazing, isn’t? Feel the love and peace! I am really looking forward for this festival to be hold in my own country, Malaysia! This is truly a festival I won’t miss.

Now, for the second festival, which is the festival of music. Festival of music consist of many great producer of music around the world, and staged at almost around the world, and from many type of  genre of music, especially the house, electronic, rock, pop, and much more. It is considered as the great gathering of music producers and it is very enjoyable.

Music festival is one of the great celebration, especially it is held nationwide. Almost all the time, people will come to release stress and have fun with friends and families.

Most of the people said, music festival is one of the idiotic culture developed from teenagers partying and jumping, dancing and get a little bit tipsy, but I believe this type of festival holds a stronger, bigger purpose. What I am trying to state here is, music is a universal language. Music can reach into the listeners heart easily, and it can be used to drive personal emotion. What if, for example, you hate someone but you don’t want to tell them directly? You send music to them. What if you want to express your love feeling to your crush? You send them music. What if you knows a plot of embezzlement in a huge company? You send music, indirectly to tell people about it. What if you want to send messages to politician, to country, without being a traitor? You make music, you sing it!

Music is a universal language, and it communicate under one true mission : Peace!

As you, readers can see in the pictures, there’s a lot of people in the festival. But they are united. They are, under the influence of music. Even though there’s black guy, white female, ginger boy, asian dude, from all round the world, we are united by music. Well, at least that is what I feel.

Well, that’s the summary of my two favourite festival. If there’s a chance, I want to write longer, but that’s that for now. Till next time, NickiiHolmes-kun.


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