Global Warming – What’s with it?

Global Warming-1

What is global warming? I bet every of us knew this topic too well, so I shouldn’t get into details. Instead, I want to story how I met my girlfriend. But don’t get it wrong, it is still about the global warming-related!

9 months ago, I was at the college’s hall and was ‘abducted’ from my sleep, by being forced to listen to a ‘Global Warming’ campaign and, honestly, I think everybody came reluctantly or just there for the attendance. But still, I am glad for the aftermath, I ended my solo life after a few months. Ok, the story is like this..

One fine afternoon, I came and sit through 2 hour of the most boring speech of my life. No, I am serious. It was boring to the maximum, and if it wasn’t for the girls, I would have the most devastated and exhausted looks on my face. Since our college has like, a triple ratio of girls to boys, I would have to take a good care of my appearance, wouldn’t I? Nevertheless, after the boring speech, we have to go to the back of the hall and sign our attendance there, on a piece of paper. I was like.. Oh how brilliant! Around 400 students and only 3 printed papers stapled together were given out!? I think.. we spent like half an hour waiting for our turns..

It was a long queue, but by time I reached the paper to sign my name, I quickly snapped a pen from random girl around me. I don’t care. I don’t think she will remember my face, or I don’t think she cares. But after I tried to sign it, it turns out to be, the pen was worn-out. I came to a blunder house. I don’t know what to do, I put the pen on the table and walk away as if I didn’t care at all.

Who knows, that girl, whom her pen being snapped out of her hand by a stranger, fated to be mine a couple of months later, and the stranger was me. I never knew this, until we talked and exchanged stories about our early days in the college. For real, I would have been really ashamed, because from what I thought, no one will remember my face, or even cares. But she did remember, and she cares. She said, she were trying to find a working pen for me, but I ran away. Sigh.. it is a good memories.

I can’t forget to remember about it, every time I’m asking to borrow pens from girls, especially ones that looks like her. So, thanks for the ‘Global-Warming’ campaign! I appreciated it! And save the world, go green! Thank you for reading.




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