Creepypasta : The Keyboard

18th January 2014, Friday, 5:32pm

My friend asked me to accompany him sleeping at his house. We lived about 2 blocks down the road of Smith St. I was doing an errand for my mother when he texts me asking me to come by tonight because his parents are away. So I decided to sleepover at his house. 


I packed my bags, my laptop, my Razer Deathstalker Essential keyboard, my Steelseries SENSEI mouse, and my Siberia v2 headphones. We are going to have a LAN party. As a teenage boy as myself, we are often indulges in computer games, and often spending times playing Defense of the Ancient together (Dota in short). On my way to his house, I grabbed a carton of Monster Energy Drinks, oh yes, a carton, because we usually stays up very late and sleep the whole day. 


I arrived at his house. Another two of my friends arrived earlier than me. They are playing a match against some Russians, and I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea since usually, Russians are bad at Dota. Now there’s 4 of us, we were waiting for the the last man, our point man player, waiting for him to arrive and party with us. Basically, it’s a 5-man-game and it would be incomplete if there’s only 4 of us.


It’s the time for the next match. Suddenly I felt my phone vibrates. It was a text message… from Alex. I couldn’t make up what Alex trying to say. “kboard .. m3..m1.. fn2.. num2..3”. I showed to the others this message Alex sent to me. They couldn’t figure it out either. All we can make out is ‘keyboard’ and some numlock 2 and number 3.. other than that, we can’t figure out anything else. But my anxiety made me think, what does m3, m1, fn2, num2 and 3 means? Could they be related to the ‘keyboard’?


The guy that we’ve been waiting finally arrives. We were very anxious since he arrived so late without telling us. He said, it took him a while to dig it through the traffic. We laughed at his joke. No shit, the traffic is REAL bad at around 10pm, aye? Nonetheless, we wait him setting up his gaming gear and get his head in the game.

19th January 2014, 12:06am

We just finished a very satisfying but exhausting game. The opponents were tough, but we finally won it. It took us our mental and physical energy so we lays wasted for about 10-20 minutes. I usually go for a smoke after a game or two, and a sip of canned drinks. But then something weird happened, we couldn’t find Alex anywhere. I usually ignores him, since he always dozes off earlier than us, or maybe he went outside and chatting with his girlfriend, or maybe he is taking airs by walking around the house compound. 


After a bit of chit chatting with my friends, I remembered the text Alex sent to me. Actually, I never remembered about it, but in a glance, I saw Alex’s keyboard and it had those buttons. M buttons, standing for micro button, and FN buttons standing for functions. I was wondering, why Alex send me those.. creepy message. Since he isn’t around, I get on his laptop and tried the keyboard. I randomly type anything on the wordpad. At first, it works like a normal keyboard. But the thing get stranger when I randomly pressed the extra buttons on the keyboard, a series of random word appeared like someone typed it. A lot of “come to my house call Jimmy beneath farther beneath above im alone” and alot of word that doesn’t make senses appeared. I stopped. I think I know where this leads to. I erased the random gibberish, and then I typed in the order as in the message. The result was shocking, but still we doesn’t know what it’s means. “Come to my house Help me I’m trapped Beneath 3”. At first, we were stranded with questions but, after few time reciting the phrase, we finally made out what does it says.


I grabbed my car keys, and was about to reach for the door knobs when Alex open the door. He asks me where I’m going. I, tongue-tied, stutters and could only murmur a voiceless mimic of smoking a cigarette. He stared at me and blocked the door. He puts up his phone and showed to us the text message he sent to me, and said.. “So you’ve figured it out..?” His soulless eye looked right through me and I were startled. All my friends were sounds asleep. I was shocked, and I took a glance over my friends. All of them were finished the canned drinks that were poured in glass, so it must be a case of sleeping pills or something. I felt dizzy..


I woke up the next morning the sounds of police alarm blaring over the neighbourhood. I boot up my laptop, and logged in my Facebook. I read my news feed.. 


Funny, that name sounds familiar..  Do I know him? 



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