Why I choose DKTM?

Hello guys.

I am Nickdzul. Ever heard of the saying..

“You know my name, but you don’t know my story.”

Well now, the purpose of this blog is to let you guys know my name, and my story.


I don’t want to start this blog with introduction to myself, as it is too mainstream. Instead, I’ll write about the course I am taking this year, which is DKTM. DKTM is an abbreviation stands for Diploma Kejuruteraan Teknologi Multimedia. So, I am a multimedia students. Nice to meet you guys. So, why the hell in the world, I chose Multimedia? Multimedia isn’t a prime line, high top career, or a hot and vogue stuff most teenagers prefer. But why did I chose it?

So let me tell you a little bit about my past time. I used to play RuneScape as my favourite past time, spending my time playing the game MMORPG-ly (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and almost had no time other than computers. As my side career other than RuneScape, I also play Dota, which is a competitive gaming consider to RuneScape. So, my life 80% is in the interwebs. If I am not playing, then I am handling the forum, or talking in the chatroom, or even webcamming, and voice chat, or blogging, and even marketing. Almost everything I did it on the computer.

So, as time passes by, I gradually improve my English interaction skills, my computer technology knowledges, my gaming skills. My childhood was none other than computer and internet. That’s why I require the assistance of spectacles. Nonetheless, back to the topic. I had been learning on computer since I was 10, so there’s a lot of thing that did not surprises me any more. But I never touched the animating, multimedia skills section, which I am going to do in this courses. Of course, I never liked them. But I took this as a challenge to finally face something that might give me troubles. I’ve been winning all my whole life, because I always chose something that I loved and really wanted to do. Now, will I win again?



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