Macam mana nak guna Clashbot!

1. Install Bluestacks

2. Torrent clashbot (virus free/scanned/tested)

3. Install COC dekat Bluestacks

4. Unzip Clashbot, set up

5. Synchronize account dari Bluestacks untuk main village sendiri. (Kalau Android, login bluestacks menggunakan account GooglePlay, kalau pakai iOS, guna link new device old device etc)

6. Bukak file Clashbot tadi, run COC Bot_Obfuscated.

7. Atur setting ikut kemampuan townhall sendiri

Road to 5k [cont]


March 8

So, this is my standing right now, exactly at 4k5. So macam yang korang tahu, last year was my last year sitting in 3k scrubs, and ended my 2014 dengan 4003 solo rank. Kinda hard getting a tbd of 3.8k, sitting in 4k (3927 if its still count) for few days, and then dropped to 3.2k, and after few months struggling, dapat raised back to 3.6k, and cried so hard when dropped to 3.4… After some of replays downloading and match analysis, I put myself in a rehab and calmed my ass off, and improve improve and improv!

Well to be honest, I am so tired actually figuring out what my weakness, till one day, my support skill is being recognize in many places, people inviting me to stand in as a support player and masa tu I think, maybe I am not a good core player (at my current bracket, ofc) and maybe I am better off as a support.

Beast - too lag-losing streak

Shits happen. I don’t blame pinoy for this. It is my own weakness. I can’t carry I guess. Masa ni, I almost broke down into tears and spent most of my time sleeping, regretting my own ability and skills. Why I can’t win!? WHY!? WHY MUST EVERYGAME IS SO FUCKING HARD!


This is my solo rank punya graph. At those winstreaks, it’s all about Necrophos support, Enigma, Omniknight, Dazzle and things like that. Bila I reached a certain peakpoint, from 4.1k > 4.2k, I picked a carry, and dropped, and then recovered, from 4.2k > 4.3k, at 4.3k peak I picked Juggernaut, and then dropped, and from 4.3k> 4.4k, played Omniknight most of the time or Lion, and never tried picking carry (one downfall there, picked WR carry and lose lol xD) and lepas tu continue my ass off playing supports until the last game from 4478 ytd and won with a Dazzle!

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Ya I rarily go party rank because I am SUPER HEARTBROKEN with my stacks. I was standing at 3976 and they.. I don’t know.. ‘having fun’ too much sampaikan drop too much and I am so frekin tired. Maybe I am better off alone. Maybe.

Thanks RazeR?


Ok so I improved myself in 2015! How about you guys? We can share things/exchange informations. I also do offer some advices or helps if you want to smurf/tbd/climbing MMR, just add me and mention me on my Twitter to approve yah @NickoSama.

my dota id is 123692369, feel free to add!



Hello. It’s been a while since my last post but uhm.. ya, right now I am working on my solo MMR in Dota 2, and I am on my #ROADTO5K and currently managed to achieve 4k5 and already halfway to my destionation! I’ll update you guys about my games and analysis right after this!

Road to 5k

So, smurf baru saya baru sahaja habis tbd, dan saya kembali ke original mmr saya which is 4270. And now, I am resuming for my road to 5k!

Account main saya still standing in around 3.7k, saya hanya main satu rank match sehari dekat account tu dan cuba usaha untuk kuatkan personal skills dekat higher mmr ni, and personally aiming for 5k!

Dah a month, and I succeed in making myself stronger and better!


Asal Usul Penciptaan Dota

Warcraft III ni merupakan sebuah ‘game-client’ yang menyediakan World Editor, dimana sesiapa yang berminat untuk develop map sendiri boleh mencipta game mengikut kreativiti sendiri. Jadi, pada masa dahulu, sebelum terma MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), game-game seperti itu dikategorikan bawah MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time-Strategy) atau RTS sahaja.

Map Dota yang pertama dicipta pada tahun 2003 dan update masih diteruskan sekarang kerana masih lagi terdapat player yang bermain dota walaupun sejak tahun 2010, dota 2 diperkenalkan, sebahagian besar pemain beralih ke dota 2 dari dota.

Disebabkan Blizzard World Editor merupakan sebuah open-source, banyak developer cuba untuk menghasilkan map yang menarik seperti Fight of Character, Gem Tower Defense, Tom and Jerry dan sebagainya. Dan tentunya, salah satunya ialah Dota, iaitu sebuah map hasil nukilan Eul semasa World Editor masih dibawah Reign of Chaos dan seterusnya diteruskan bersama-sama Guinsoo semasa World Editor dibawah expansion Frozen Throne. Pada masa itu, IceFrog mengambil alih segala kerja-kerja update sehinggalah sekarang.

Map Dota idea asalnya dikatakan datang dari Starcraft : Aeon of Strife dimana genre yang sama diperkenalkan dan semakin popular sekitar tahun 2002-2006 dan makin meningkat popularitinya. Pada sekitar tahun 2009-2010, League of Legend dihasilkan dengan bantuan developer Dota-dota lain (beta testers,bug fixer dll), yang menggunakan preset MOBA yang sama kerana kontrak dengan IceFrog tak dapat diwujudkan, tetapi setelah itu diketahui yang IceFrog sedang develop sebuah preset map yang sama untuk company S2 Games dan mencipta Heroes of Newerth.

Lain-lain moba yang terhasil dari kepopulariti dota ini antaranya Strife dan Heroes of the Storm. Setiap penciptaan MOBA baru ini dikatakan berkait rapat dengan pencipta dan developer asal dota dari segi coding dan preset susunan map dan sebagainya.


Guide to Terrorblade [twtdota]


Salah satu hard carry paling low strength gain, ialah Terrorblade, and strength dia memang
bermasalah, even at some point, intelligent heroes ada lagi banyak strength dari dia.

In my opinion, TB ni ada banyak cara main.
So untuk main banyak cara tu, kene jadi advance TB player dulu.
And advance TB player dah faham kegunaan semua skills without much explanation.

——–Proceed if you’re advance tb players—————————————–

The Rat TB

Rat TB style ni, you are depending on his illusion rather than Metamorphasis.
So skill build will narrow to :
Max 2nd! 1st is 1 level sampai level 21.

You have either choice of farming in lane using illu or farming in jung using 2-or-more illu.
(Why? Sebab in lane lagi byk exp, and gold lagi besar, and kene jaga properly. Kalau illu campak
je jungle, takyah susah-susah tunggu last hit.)

So rat tb, what should you aim for?

Radiance. Illu-based hero usually goes for Radiance. So go for it.
Manta. Spawn illu yang lagi lama, better for rad rat.
Boots of Travel, for super imba imba rat.
Butterfly. So illu wont die easily to creeps. And extra protection for yourself.
Skadi. More hp, more survivability, and extra slows!
Satanic. Its important, sebab tb punya nyawa iz so ciput even with too many hp item. So he needs it,
plus dia tak completely rat, dia still useful in war.

BKB is important kalau you ever have the intention of joining war, unless if its 4×1.

The Wargod TB

Currently my most played style, I love war!
This tb is the best considering how you are contributing for the team, and yeah, with high damage output,
war can be easily win!

Power tread strength > more hp, more survival!
Drum of endurance, cover his hp!

TB ni dah ada dmg from metamorph, so item dmg ni tak penting sgt usually. Just boost his survival je sbb
survival dia sucks! less durable hp! ergh

BKB, SNY is a good option, increase his dmg at the same time hitpoints

After dua core ni, you can decide whether to go for blink/skadi for better chasing item. I prefer blink
tho, sebab dia ada ulti close range and better if youre low hp and looking for instakill.

So to summarize item picks for war tb,
Ptread > Travel lategame
Drum > Satanic
Bkb > Whatever may necessary lategame (divine/refresher)
SNY / Manta
Butterfly (or situational)

Ganking TB
Ganking tb ni salah satu tb yang takyah farm tapi boleh kills easily
And tb ni tb paling senang ah kerjanya sebab tkpyh sentuh creep sgt, duit still flows

So skill build always max 1st and 3rd before masukkan illusion.

And sebabkan dia gankers, dia prefer more on chasing mechanism.

Drum of Endurance
Blink/Or Medallion dulu
Yasha > SNY

and lepas tu complimentary item ikut situation ingame. Kalau ada void, belanja sikit heaven.
Kalau ada pa, belanja mkb. Kalau ada invoker, belanja orchid/hex. Ikut kesedapan diri.
Always remind item BH’s gankers kalau nak main ganking TB.

Burst TB
Tak ramai orang buat competitively, tapi boleh jadi fun kalau kene cara.
modus operandi dia ialah ulti dulu, kill, and ciao. usually boleh take one and return je.
Or take the biggest hero, and then baru war 4v5.

Skill builds tak penting. Memana boleh. Nak stats je pun okey.

Kasut skip je kalau malas. Kalau nak, kasut cekelat.
Shadow Blade/Blink
Dagon 5
Skadi dan Situational item/complimentary

Modus operandi dia, farm je jungle lepas dpt armlet, and then on sampai nyawa sikit, pakai sb,
pergi kat enemy, hit sekali, off armlet and ulti, and normal hit/dagon ikut kesukaan.
Incase enemy ada mcm tiny ke apa, nyawa sikit pun dagon je, dari kau hit and kene stun, terlepas.
Bazir. Kadang2 tb mcm ni bagus jugak sebab boleh buang big hero easily, mcm tide ke apa. At least
its 4v4 lepas kau dh buat mcm tu, cuma big hero dorg sorg dh mati. And with proper item, its still 4v5.

Guide to IO [twtdota]


How to IO?
IO is one of the easiest hero nak pakai, sebab most of the time kerja kau just stick dgn carry,
tether dia and kawal 3rd kau properly.

Skills :

1. Tether >
Skil ni yang kuar tali tu and then ikat dgn kawan. Dia buat regenerative jadi twice faster, and kalau
io tu tak dalam state of fully healed, dia akan share whatever regenerative, senang citer, botol dn
sebagainya. Best skill. Oh, kalau enemy langgar, kene slow. Usually orang ambik ni 1/2 level je.

2. Bola-bola kecil (tak igt nama, ngantuk) >
Skil ni yang kuar the small wisp tu, and bende dia tak sakit sgt kalau langgar satu2, dia guna sebagai
harrassin support from far in lane je. Tapi, kalau masa teamfight, dgn short cooldown bende ni, damage
dia antara paling annoying, plus dia ada small vision to scout in jungle kut!

3. Overcharge >
Bende ni yang sakit, dia drain hp and mana persec, tapi best part is, dia tambah 25% damage reduction,
lebih kurang mcm BB punya 3rd skill. Sebab tu combo BB+IO ni pedih kut, plus movement speed pun ada.
Apa-apa extra bonus yang ada dekat Io, kalau dia tengah tether, dia akan share. So max 3rd lepas 2nd.

4. Relocate >
Best short tp skills! Macam mana nak guna dia easily? Tether, and then click relocate dkt minimap or mana2.
Macam mana nak insta bawak kawan in war for saving? Tekan je relocate base, carik kawan tu, terus tether dia,
nanti terus IO tgh2 tertarik dkt kawan, poof dah sampai rumah. Try and error dkt bots yea?🙂

Io punya item build ni lebih kurang fenix sikit, so pepandai adjust, bagi yang fenix player.

Io tak banyak cara main sangat.. or ada banyak tapi aku je tak tahu. Usually, if I play IO,
item build dia tak tukar, always gini.

1. Power Treads / Arcane (kalau team kau tak mana dependent, aku pt je..)
2. Meka / Urn (Kalau mid aku jenis bukan meka, aku meka.. tu pun 25 minit hehe)
3. Urn (wajib oh, salah satu offense untuk io, plus kalau dia heal diri sendiri while tether, regen tu,
orang yang ditether dapat, and tak terdispel. so sama mcm kita urn dia tapi tak kene dispel :))
4. Heaven – Io ni senang mati kalau tak kene ff, so dengan heaven ni at least enhance defensive dia, at the
same time, boleh guna as protection for hitter.
5. usually sampai sini, game dah menang/kalah. haha. tapi kalau nak go more, hex is always the best option!
6. bloodstone! like always, free healing if u die.
7. and luxuries lain tu fikirin sendirin.

Usually kalau aku main IO ni, early stage, aku tgk youtube… since aku tether, pastu tgk yt.. tether balik,
yt balik… tapi kalau nak mahir, focus ah. tether, and then kawal deny etc etc. Jangan kasi over pushed!

and usually, kalau kene hero mcm blinkers, try tether lepas dia go. Macam PA, dia jump dulu, pastu bagi
dia pergi belakang enemy and then tether. and then overcharge and easy kill!

same goes with riki, easy kill every time sebab imba attack speed and slows combined!

kalau nak go IO tiny, try search youtube, how to double stack radiant camp with io. Mahir yang tu, tiny ez
fat, ez game.

Tak tahu nak share apa sangat pasal IO ni, dia ni tak susah sangat.. just kene kawal diri. Jgn ward solo weh,
kalau hampir2 kene catch, carik lah mana2 hero/creep, cepat2 tether, lari opposite way and then relocate dkt
kawan yang boleh sapu your hunter tu.🙂