My Hot Friends

Hi so today I want to talk about my hot friends. What I meant by hot here is the popularity they gained via all sources available, for example the social media, at schools, amongst friends, amongst enemy, amongst teacher, even in the whole Kajang. Damn!

So, let us say.. my hot friends are actually a couple, so let’s give them name, so at least if they read this, they doesn’t feel anything, because maybe what I am about to type is really touchy or just vicious as it is. So shall we call the, Afyna and her boyfriend Alephy. Alright, so I have to describe them first before we can get into the main story.

Afyna is a beautiful looking girl, with slim body shape and fairly long hair, her 3 numbers from top is probably 32 27 30, they are not really big haha but she is still adorable! She is very understanding, mature in thinking, comes from rich family, but sometimes it’s hard for her to grasp what people are talking about, because she is kinda slow. And very manja. Blergh.

Alephy, in another word, is a vicious emo looking guy. But, talking about emo, past me shares his side. Long haired, good english speaker, very talented in playing guitar, also a great gamer, not really tall, just about my heights, and a very loyal friends. 

to be continued

Photo Cloud

To be honest I really had no idea where to go to upload my high quality pictures so I just put it here as a photo cloud so whenever I need em I can take em from here.

Oh btw Meera, if you want the picture feel free to click on em to enlarge them, and then right click em and click ‘Save As’! :D



It’s been a while since my last post here, and I felt really empty, yeah I must be until I finally opened this whole up pile of shit I was forced to do.

To be honest, I was just trying to express something that buckles up in this little heart of mine, something I guess I was never able to do, something that keeps me asphyxiated especially when I think of it.

My to do list perhaps was written by some devil, cause the truth is losing a best friend, or maybe someone whom you thought were your so called ‘best friends’. Yeah, the world will never be what I expected, that is the truth I have to embrace, but it’s hurt.

Yah, most people running around saying “It doesn’t hurt that much compared to those in Gaza at the moment suffering family/friends losses” yeah bruv but you don’t have to go that far to compare! I mean, look as I see, feel as I feel!

Or yeah, then what’s the point of coming here, heh? What’s hurt more, when people whom you really loved with all your life (not including your parents, of course, the marriageable one I am talking about) just talk to you, or at least get in touch with you if he/her has problem/troubles? I guess that’s not really working for me, that’s could be categorized as a toying with other’s feeling. Unless you really mistook me as your diary.

Only if you have something to tell, or at least to spit something beyond honesty just because I am there, and I always will. I think this is the second time I stuck in this dark abyss, this black hole of life, this love void, this eternal punishment, to be treated nicely and then to be thrown away the seconds you are starting to make moves.

And the saddest part is, it’s all happening while I am losing everything, losing faith in my friends, losing friends, losing best friends, and foolishly telling myself “I am so gonna be alright, keep up that fake smile.” The truth is, as everybody knows, the most laughable friends are actually the one who held the most pain.

And now, I am sitting, silently, helplessly, pondering over my life, wondering who is going to stand by my side.

Who to follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Okay guys, It’s me again, and sorry for the late blog updates. It’s been awhile since I logged in my diaries but I have a lot to shares. Personally, I have been asking myself, “In our life, we have to follow the Prophet and God… Considering that they are bringing us to the right path.. What about in internet? Who should we follow?” I mean, it is not like the ‘internet-prophet’ or something, but just people that we follow in the internet to get starting around, to know the trends, to be more knowledgeable in the internet.

Let’s start with Facebook.  First of all, as a muslim, we should follow “I love Allah” page, followed by “I love Muhammad”. They create many statuses that injects a positive responses that may affects our daily life. Secondly, as a fellow Malaysian, we should follow “Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib” page and the opposition leader “Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim” page. The purpose is to let us know better about the current political issues in our country, and by following both of the government and opposition leader. About the religion and politic, we can follow some Ustaz, for example, “Ustaz Azhar Idrus”.

On Twitter, there’s not much to follow, because I don’t really use it and I don’t know, but for example, I would follow Malaysian’s icon for example our own Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader, and some daily islamic quotes!

I don’t use Instagram much so I don’t have any recommendation, plus I don’t think Instagram is a good social networks anyway, since for pictures, Facebook and Twitter already have both functions. I think, that’s all I can simplified for today, since I am not much into Twitter and Instagram, I have to apologizes for the short and short fills on both social networks.


A great holiday!

One day, I was travelling on a boat. I was travelling on a Japanese ship to Japan, for my great holiday. Mind you, I am a detective-wanna-be. I always fans of Sherlock Holmes, and this is the best holiday of my life, since I was able to meet someone, who can impersonate Sherlock Holmes accurately with his great deduction and flawless reasoning. For some reason, I walked around the cabin at one particular night, enjoying the breeze. 

Suddenly, I heard someone screaming. I rushed to the voice, and saw the captain of the ship, with a pale look on his face, looking at the empty space on table. He mutters somewhat sounded unclear, “Wh-wh-who did this.. wh-who to-took my wa…tch? My-my-my ring?” I looked at the table, beneath the table, nearby the table. No signs of watch and ring. Suddenly, the guy, Mr. Conan Edogawa came. He asked, what kind of ring, what gem on it, what brand of watch, and how it was missing. 

The captain, murmured.. Diamond, Rolex.

My, that is a hell of valuables! This case is getting interesting. I looked at Conan, wondering what he is up to. He suddenly went outside, and after few minutes, he brought a five men to the Captain’s Cabin. He said, he went to every department, and grabbing the missing person from each section as a suspects. Conan said.. “Now, I need to know your alibi for the last 45 minutes!” 

The Phillipino cook (in a heavy overcoat) : I was in fridge room getting meat for cooking.

Hmm.. no wonder anyone cannot see him, he was alone in the fridge. If THAT’S was true.

The Indian Engineer (with a torch in hand) : I was working on generator engine.

Yeah, yeah. Engine. What’s need to be working on? Too suspicious.

The Srilankan seaman: I was on the mast correcting the flag which was upside down by mistake.

What?? Was it? I didn’t realised. I have to check it later if it were fixed or not.

The British Radio officer: I was messaging to company that we are reaching next port 72hrs. from now, on Wednesday morning at 1000hrs.

Wait.. That’s very near to the captain’s cabin. Most suspicious guy I say.


The French navigation officer: I am on night watch, so sleeping in my cabin. 

Oh, but then why no one can’t see you? You had a private cabin do ya?

After a hard thinking, I pointed to the Indian Engineer. You sir, are the thief! Hand me the valuables! But it turns out, he didn’t have it. I glanced at Conan, he was watching as I deducing the thief, and smiling. I did body checks on all of them, and no one of them had the valuables. I was furious! So which one is the thief? After a while, Mr. Conan said.. “Sigh, Nicko. You can’t deduce well, do ya?”

“There is only one truth. MR SRILANKAN SEAMAN, YOU ARE THE THIEF!”, he pointed at the seaman.

“Why, why me..?!” 

“Tell us, Nicko, in which ship we are traveling.” “We are in a big, metal ship?.. Oh wait, JAPANESE SHIP!” 

“True, therefore, Japanese flag, which is red dot in centre of white flag, is the same even though it’s upside down. So, please return the valuables or I have to apprehend you now, seaman.” And thus, the case was closed. I was very impressed! But there’s one thing bothering me. Why I am not in one of his suspect list? “Because.. I saw a stained mark on behind of your coat, just below the shoulder. Your bottom is very exquisite. I might suggest, you have a bad backbones due to recent surgeries, and therefore you can’t run very fast, or even bows too low. And in this type of ship, they uses short tables, which is very low and therefore must be hard for you to reach it. And plus, you were the first one to arrive, which mean you didn’t have much time to hide it, or you won’t bother hiding. That’s when I noticed your watch, a custom made Pelican, which is more reliquary and expensive than the captain’s Rolex. I don’t think your were the criminal.”

I was dumbfounded. That was a great deduction, no mistakes at all. Even there is nothing special in the whole holiday, this moment of thrilling criminal’s catching is truly a great experience to deal with! 

Why dog is called a ‘man’s best friend’?

Dog is so-called ‘man’s best friend.’ I always wondered why.

Well, here’s a lyrics from a song I’ve found.



Pain that won’t heal,

Sadness you feel, 

Smiles with hearts’ bitterness that replaced,

‘I’ll never smile again, I’ll never let love in again’,

Don’t ever say such things to me,

A future we cannot see,

All happening meant something in story,

In time the clouds will clear away,

So just please, stay with me!

Who are we, to pass through you?

That answer will find you someday.

-Taken from Bleach OST

D’technolife – UVERWORLD


Unless any of you can’t understand it, I will summarize what does the song tell us.

The song meant a situation, where someone you regards as your best friend trying to console you for things that happens in your life. For instance, when you faces bad situations, you are in troubles, you have problems, when you are in pain or such sadness, do you have that one true friend that will stay by your side?

True enough, a human best friend, no matter how good is him/her, they won’t be able to stay by your side all the time, because you, me, everyone of us, is imperfect. But there is a creature that can be regarded as a best friend, yet will stay by your side all the time. That creature is a dog.

I heard one time, a man had a dog. This man kept the dog for 6 years as his companion, since his wife died of cancer. This dog helped him fetched his mail, helped him on simple house chores (getting his remote tv, guard the house, take out the thrash), accompany him to the park, followed him to supermarket, and almost by his side 24 hours a week. One day, the man had a bad fever, and his dog was barking unusually. This causes the neighbour to get irritated and came over, and since the dog won’t stop barking, the neighbour peered over the window, only to find out the man had a stroke. He called an ambulance and saved the man’s life in time, for if he was late by 25 minutes, that man is a goner. Anyway, the dog stayed true and grew old with the man. And one fine day, the man died of old age, and was buried next to his wife. The dog, with sadness filled in his eyes, stayed near the grave without foods and drinks and eventually died beside his master’s grave.

I found it really heart touching since I had a cat, and my cat won’t even come if I call him. And only comes if I am holding their foods. What a selfish cat.


My first day in college.

Everything was dark..

Everything was gloomy..

I was left with my only faithful companion, which is Sir Adler,

to journey to this new ground.

This story begins like this. My old residents were crushed, burnt, and I had to flee to the new place. The first time I arrived at this place, Sir Adler and I observed the new grounds. There was a gateway, a huge gateway. Sir Adler observed at the old plaque, it had a carving on it. An italic words which spells out U N I T I was the only one left from the old ruins. It’s okay, it’s look like no one inhabits this place for a long time. 

Sir Adler and I proceed cautiously, for the enemy may be lurking around for the opportune moment to catch us off-guard. I was tired due to the long journey, and I had to rest any time sooner or my legs will fall off. After a long walk, we finally reach a deserted small town. This place was called UV (abbreviations for UNITI village) and the population is very small. I went to the reception, and registered us as the residents under fake name, to hide the fact the we were hiding here. We registered under Nick and Adli, which sounds like common country name. We had to carry our luggage to our room, what horrors! So inconvenient! I am a king! Why should I carry my own luggage? There should be a bellboy to help us, but since this town is deserted, it is very hard to pay for workers. Well, at least that explains the broken toilet and sink. I had trouble suiting myself to this humble apartment.

Nonetheless, it is a very good hideout for the time being. I attended the school as a brilliant disguise. Well, my first day wasn’t very bad. I came to a deserted place, encountered a strange looking old man, dealt with broken toilet and sink, enjoyed a very unsatisfactory dinner, joined a dull commotion about keeping safety amongst the livelihood and went to study as disguised at some ancient looking village called K.U which stands for Kolej UNITI, and then gathered a merry group of young talented man, the knights of round tables, which I state here as their undercover name. Arham, Fadzli, Adnin, Gawan, Hamdan and Zul. But nevertheless, I have to stop writing now. It is getting very dark, and I am writing this memoire in case I won’t make it through the year living here. I’ll write more if anything special happened. 

My favourite festival!

In the world, there are many types of celebration, festival and gathering. As a normal human beings, I, myself have my own favourite festival. But, I won’t be blogging about national, culture or traditional festival, we leave to reporter. Instead, I am going to blog about modern festival. Yes, as some of the readers may have figured, I am deeply in love with music and light festival.

Light festival consists of bunch of fireworks display, the neon lights, and lots more. They say, pictures bound to say thousands word. So I included some of the light festival photos.



As reader can see, the festival of light is very fascinating! It involves a lot of light display (obviously…) and the show of fireworks in the night. It is truly amazing, especially the colourful display with a background of the black night. Furthermore, the festival of lights always been held at the opportune time of the years, especially around the holidays.

So, most families can hold a great family gathering and it will help strengthen the family bonds between each other which is truly amazing, isn’t? Feel the love and peace! I am really looking forward for this festival to be hold in my own country, Malaysia! This is truly a festival I won’t miss.

Now, for the second festival, which is the festival of music. Festival of music consist of many great producer of music around the world, and staged at almost around the world, and from many type of  genre of music, especially the house, electronic, rock, pop, and much more. It is considered as the great gathering of music producers and it is very enjoyable.

Music festival is one of the great celebration, especially it is held nationwide. Almost all the time, people will come to release stress and have fun with friends and families.

Most of the people said, music festival is one of the idiotic culture developed from teenagers partying and jumping, dancing and get a little bit tipsy, but I believe this type of festival holds a stronger, bigger purpose. What I am trying to state here is, music is a universal language. Music can reach into the listeners heart easily, and it can be used to drive personal emotion. What if, for example, you hate someone but you don’t want to tell them directly? You send music to them. What if you want to express your love feeling to your crush? You send them music. What if you knows a plot of embezzlement in a huge company? You send music, indirectly to tell people about it. What if you want to send messages to politician, to country, without being a traitor? You make music, you sing it!

Music is a universal language, and it communicate under one true mission : Peace!

As you, readers can see in the pictures, there’s a lot of people in the festival. But they are united. They are, under the influence of music. Even though there’s black guy, white female, ginger boy, asian dude, from all round the world, we are united by music. Well, at least that is what I feel.

Well, that’s the summary of my two favourite festival. If there’s a chance, I want to write longer, but that’s that for now. Till next time, NickiiHolmes-kun.

Global Warming – What’s with it?

Global Warming-1

What is global warming? I bet every of us knew this topic too well, so I shouldn’t get into details. Instead, I want to story how I met my girlfriend. But don’t get it wrong, it is still about the global warming-related!

9 months ago, I was at the college’s hall and was ‘abducted’ from my sleep, by being forced to listen to a ‘Global Warming’ campaign and, honestly, I think everybody came reluctantly or just there for the attendance. But still, I am glad for the aftermath, I ended my solo life after a few months. Ok, the story is like this..

One fine afternoon, I came and sit through 2 hour of the most boring speech of my life. No, I am serious. It was boring to the maximum, and if it wasn’t for the girls, I would have the most devastated and exhausted looks on my face. Since our college has like, a triple ratio of girls to boys, I would have to take a good care of my appearance, wouldn’t I? Nevertheless, after the boring speech, we have to go to the back of the hall and sign our attendance there, on a piece of paper. I was like.. Oh how brilliant! Around 400 students and only 3 printed papers stapled together were given out!? I think.. we spent like half an hour waiting for our turns..

It was a long queue, but by time I reached the paper to sign my name, I quickly snapped a pen from random girl around me. I don’t care. I don’t think she will remember my face, or I don’t think she cares. But after I tried to sign it, it turns out to be, the pen was worn-out. I came to a blunder house. I don’t know what to do, I put the pen on the table and walk away as if I didn’t care at all.

Who knows, that girl, whom her pen being snapped out of her hand by a stranger, fated to be mine a couple of months later, and the stranger was me. I never knew this, until we talked and exchanged stories about our early days in the college. For real, I would have been really ashamed, because from what I thought, no one will remember my face, or even cares. But she did remember, and she cares. She said, she were trying to find a working pen for me, but I ran away. Sigh.. it is a good memories.

I can’t forget to remember about it, every time I’m asking to borrow pens from girls, especially ones that looks like her. So, thanks for the ‘Global-Warming’ campaign! I appreciated it! And save the world, go green! Thank you for reading.